Four Hot Hourly Job Industries

Automotive, call center, restaurant and retail jobs are thriving

Are you an hourly job seeker wondering what the hot job industries are? Unfortunately, not everyone can pilot the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile or be a minor league hockey mascot. However, you should consider checking out auto mechanic jobs, call center jobs, retail jobs and restaurant jobs.

Auto mechanic jobs

If you don’t mind the smell of 5W-30 in the morning and you took apart (and put back together) your alarm clock when you were just 5 years old, there could be a spot for you under the hood of someone’s 1997 Mercury Tracer.

You could be performing oil changes, diagnosing power steering failures or figuring out why that darn horn won’t toot. You could also be performing a fair number of customer sales and service duties. So don’t worry if you don’t know a V6 from a V8.

Most employers of auto mechanics offer flexible schedules, as well as paid training that you can use in the real world. That’s not to mention a cool skill that can make you a bit more street (and garage) smart.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if auto mechanics are trying to stick it to you, or even better, if you could save loads of cash by maintaining and fixing a vehicle on your own?

Call center jobs

Are your friends always calling you with problems because of your expert listening skills? Do you often exceed your monthly cell phone minutes? Then why not get paid good money to talk people through problems, answer questions and address concerns with call center jobs?

Nearly all major companies use call centers either on site or across the globe to assist with everything from customer service to the selling of products and services. If you’re a smooth operator with great interpersonal skills, then you should consider dialing up call center jobs today.

Retail jobs

When we talk about retail jobs, we’re talking about any gig in which you’re selling goods or merchandise in any capacity, whether you’re manning a jewelry kiosk at the mall food court or you’re educating customers about bathroom fixtures at a home improvement superstore.

Obviously, retail is a huge category of jobs comprising positions of all shapes, sizes, hours and funny-looking uniforms. In fact, retail jobs are the second largest industry in the country, employing more than 20 million Americans. Because of this vast job diversity, there are dozens and dozens of reasons why a retail job could be just right for you, including flexible hours as well as cool perks and benefits

Restaurant jobs

According to the National Restaurant Association, more than half of all American adults have worked restaurant jobs at some point in their lives. It’s a fraternity of past and current servers, dish washers, managers and more who satisfy our thirst and hunger day, night and every odd hour in between.